The Band

 Emmanuela Machozi Yogolelo

Originally from DR Congo, Emmanuela has been singing from the age of 6 in church choirs and bands back home ad now in Manchester. She is the founder member and Lead vocalist of the African Gospel Band ‘Testimony’. Emmanuela writes Afro world music and Afro Jazz in Swahili, Lingala, French and English. She writes lyrics from the heart brought to life with sweet mesmerising melodies.

Pat  Mackman

Originally from DR Congo now living in Manchester. Pat plays drum kit and percussion and various styles of music including Congolese style Reggae, Bossa Nova, Soukouss, , Zouk, Gospel.



Nicki Dupuy

Originally from Wales plays Double Bass, Bass Guitar and Percussion. Based in Manchester, NIcki has performed  Jazz, contemporary, Blues, Folk, Rock, Indie, Reggae, Soul, Brazilian Styles and Classical. She has also composed and produced Sound Installations, Electronic / Dance music and pop, and has a strong interest in Brazilian music.


Serge Tebu

Coming to the UK from Cameroon in 2007, Serge Tebu had only the love of music with which to find his place in the community. As a composer and band leader he wanted to combine his skill and experience with other musicians from different musical influences who each have a desire to show that people from a variety of backgrounds can work and play together. Serge plays piano and keyboard and is the founder member of AMANI an African/Jazz/Blues fusion band based in Manchester.

Jaheda Choudhury

Jaheda is a member of international Hip Hop collective Ajah UK. Jaheda who is of Bangladeshi heritage, is a rapper/singer /wordsmith with her own unique take on Hip Hop, rapping in Bangla (Sylheti) and English.



Lis Murphy

Fiddle player and  vocalist originally from Macclesfeld, Lis is influenced by the passion and soulfulness of music from the Former Yugoslavia. In Manchester, she was introduced to the driving beats of Maracatu from North-East Brasil and blends styles together from western classical, jazz, roots & urban music.


Gilford Singh

Gil is a Punjabi dholak player and vocalist. His earliest influences came from playing in gurdwaras (Sikh Temples) all over Northern India. His music is inspired by Sufiana Kalam (Sufi music), and the poetry of the great mystics Baba Bulleh Shah and Kabir Sahib.




Arun Ghosh – Musical Director

Arun Ghosh is a British-Asian clarinettist, composer and music educator. Conceived in Calcutta, bred in Bolton, matured in Manchester and living in London, Arun’s musical vocabulary and vision reflects his rich geographical heritage. Using the spirit and language of jazz, with the sounds and styles of hip-hop, Indian classical and folk, western classical, rock, pop and avant-garde, Arun’s music is full of lyrical melodies and searching harmonies, down to earth directness and psychedelic ambient introspection.


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